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What what now? February 27, 2007

 The obligatory “who is…?”

I am…
a thirty-something (it changes every year, don’t expect me to keep up!) girl living living in Berkeley, Calif., with my betrothed and five cats. When I’m not writing I like to nap, play video games (currently I’m obsessed with Zelda: The Twilight Princess), cook, read, and order books on Amazon. I try to leave the house and you know, interact with The Outside, at least once a week

Currently writing…
an epic fantasy novel. No, no wizards, dragons, or elves. People like us, but in a different world. I’ve probably been working on this cursed thing for the last 10 years, on and off, but only diligently in the last five. My goal is to get it to submission stage by the end of 2007.

Inspired by…
heroic acts, good stories, and kind hearts.

I don’t understand…
the term “speculative fiction”. Isn’t all fiction, um, speculative?

Contact me at ibitsy at gmaildotcom


One Response to “What what now?”

  1. kaitlyn Says:

    I’m over here in west marin so that’s pretty close considering the size of the web-world. We share a near landspace and age range and we’re both writers, but in different genres, and both web logistas. Kewl.
    Sigh: Must go grade a thousand (not much exaggeration) papers on Sontag’s ‘Regarding the Pain of Others’ (**gasp**). So lovely an activity on a sunny spring day! Happy writing. kfg

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