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Robots are taking over the world… but oh, they’re so cute! April 11, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — itsy @ 10:17 am

Honda brought you Asimo, the charming, earnest little robot that surely wouldn’t think itself superior to humans. He so Zen and spiritual and stuff, I mean, he does yoga–he can’t be evil! If he’s the ambassador, we’ll stand by awwww-ing while they enslave us.

I came across this very awesome video from Popular Science. This is DARPA’s new pet, a mechanical mule-like-doggy-thingy. It can carry hundreds of pounds, hikes through the forest just like Fido, can trek through ice and snow, even regaining its balance when it slips on ice. (Don’t you just dig the lovingly rendered, slo-mo replays?)

What amazes me is how quickly and easily I find myself sympathizing with this poor little thing. Look at its legs! The way it scrambles! Go little robot, go, take over the world!


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