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Uh… you mean like Lord of the Flies? September 18, 2007

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Okay, I know it’s slightly unethical, and frankly I can’t imagine what sort of waivers the parents signed, but as a writer of speculative fiction, I’m really curious about the new cbs show Kid Nation. 40 kids in Bonanza, Colorado, making their own town.

It’s the psychology I find fascinating. What sort of emotions will these poor kids show? How will they adapt? Like I said, it’s unethical, but what a unique insight into human nature.


2 Responses to “Uh… you mean like Lord of the Flies?”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    I saw the commercial for that. In addition to the whole ethical question, it seems so contrived…I mean, aren’t there adults behind the camera?

  2. itsy Says:

    Yes, that’s true. I’m just a big fan, so far, of all these “what-if” scenarios. I loved 1900 house, then Frontier House. I missed the colonial one, and the pirate one (how could i have missed _that_?).
    This one, of course, is totally fake in that it doesn’t follow any historical precedent. But still… I think I’ll have to watch a few episodes.

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