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A new tool September 14, 2007

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I nay-said (that’s a word, right?) the writing program Scrivener on Fluent. Well, I checked it out anyway, largely because I have a Mac book without any word processor (except TextEdit). I’m two days into the 30-day trial and I have to say, I’m liking it. For someone as scattered as me, it’s nice to have everything in one program. No need to open multiple word documents, Scrivener does it all. Filling out index cards and reordering them to rethink scenes or story outline is a snap.

I hesitated because I love brainstorming in my notebooks, but I realized, I don’t have to give that up. It felt a little awkward at first, since it requires a slightly different creative process. While not perfect, I like that this program ventures out of the limiting linear structure of Word, and once I get more used to it I think it will be very freeing. Anyway, I’d suggest checking it out if you find yourself frustrated with traditional word processing programs.

And you back up your stuff, right? Right?? I use Jungle Disk which links to Amazon Web Services, and charges to your Amazon account. You can set the program to work automatically, and you can store gigabytes for cents a month.


2 Responses to “A new tool”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    Interesting! I’m thinking of downloading it myself…although since I’m not working on a big project right now…I’m worried it will just be another distraction. It looks like fun to play with.
    I didn’t know Amazon had services like that. You can also store quite a bit of stuff on Google documents… I don’t do that to back up my work but it’s not a bad idea.

  2. jadepark Says:

    oooh, now i am even more tempted to download it once i am back to my novel!

    btw, i post things here but they don’t actually get posted for some reason (like i posted something regarding your “ambiguity” post).

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