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Full circle September 11, 2007

Filed under: writing — itsy @ 10:57 pm

In the last three years I’ve gone from writing with abandon, then scrutinizing every aspect of my writing and trying to apply lessons from those writing books, to going back to writing with abandon. And I have to say, it feels damn good.

My attitude change was the result of a new draft I’m working on. I mulled over it, I took a writing class and decided I was starting the story too soon, based on the professor’s opinion.  But his recommendation would mean I was writing an entirely different story, not one that I’d thought of before. I tried to do it–I sat down and wrote out outline after outline, but I just couldn’t get excited about it, so I put it away, thinking I’d deal with it later. Well, recently I pulled out the stuff I’d written prior to the class, and reread it. And fell in love with the story again.

So here’s the thing. To me, there’s no point in writing if I’m not writing what I want. I want to do this more than I want to be published. I’ve educated myself about writing, how to show not tell, and all that. I hope I’ve absorbed them somehow. But in the end, I just want to write with that wonderful, freeing abandon.


2 Responses to “Full circle”

  1. In the end, you’ve gotta love what you’re writing, otherwise what’s the point, right? Plus, if you don’t love it the reader probably won’t either. Have fun!

  2. writinggb Says:

    I agree that enjoyment is important. Otherwise one can’t sustain the effort. As a prof myself, I know how difficult it is to give good advice to students. I mean, from one draft to the next, a piece of writing can change so much and all previous comments can become null at that point. I try to ask my students more questions and to point out places where I, as a reader, got confused or whatever. I do require a ton of revisions, but I mostly leave HOW they change drafts up to the students.

    Anyway, the shoe’s on the other foot for me now because I am working on a book of my own. Or, ur, not my own.

    It’s my grandmother’s memoir, actually. But we worked on it together for four years before she died, so I guess I am part owner. Now I am trying to finish it. Deathbed promise and all that.

    Only, it’s hard to get back to it. She died over a year ago and I’m on sabbatical so time is no excuse. Still…

    Writing is hard. Even if we care deeply about what we are writing.

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