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I want to write like a man September 6, 2007

Filed under: writing — itsy @ 2:39 pm

Okay, that sounds weird, vague, and sexist.

What does a man write like? Obviously it depends. So maybe what I mean is, “I want to write more masculinely.” I need to channel my inner yang.

Sometimes I feel like my writing is too delicate. I’m constantly on the search for what sounds pretty, what looks pretty. Mincing words, slicing this and that, but always I have the compulsion to embellish, complicate, or make more subtle.

I’ve been thinking recently about author Stephen Pressfield. He write historical fiction that I enjoy. He writes about warriors, and his prose is like a knife that cuts. Sometimes it’s a bit too sharp or blunt, sometimes he pares out a little too much, but there’s no ambiguity, no wishy-washy-ness. It is what it is. And I like it.

So I’ll try an experiment. From now on, bold statements. Swift decisions. Short sentences.


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