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a matter of perspective April 3, 2007

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I’m stuck writing in what I refer to as “entrenched third person” perspective, more commonly called “third person limited,” where the reader knows only what the protagonist knows, and everything is written in his or her point of view. No narration, no exposition, just discovery.

(Am I having a weird case of dejas vu or did I already write this post? Sorry if this is a repeat… I’m getting old!)

The problem is I’m finding this rather, well, limiting. I want to write with more authority and take the opportunity to pull the camera back, to slip fluidly in other character’s point of views, without chapter differentiation. Like Gregory Macguire writes. I took on a little side project to help me accomplish this. The problem is that I just fall back into my old style, without even noticing it. Contrarily, I have to really think and work hard to make it different during multiple rewrites.

I’d like to think one can change anything about one’s writing, but maybe some things are just inherent. Maybe I shouldn’t fight this, and instead consider it one of my strengths? On the other hand, what’s the point of writing if we don’t learn and strive beyond what we are comfortable. My only fear is that it will sound stilted and forced.


One Response to “a matter of perspective”

  1. Cavu Says:

    POV is tough–its hard to be conscious of it but also maintain the natural flow of writing that isn’t overly controlled by our craft-brains.

    Nice blog!

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