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inadvertent references March 2, 2007

Filed under: writing — itsy @ 1:12 am

Today I finished a chapter in my book in which my main character, among other things, walks through a garden and eats an apple. Proud at completing it, I began to reread it to submit to my writing buddy.

Wait a minute here… apple… garden… doh!! I swear, I meant to make to allusion! I wanted a fruit that would grow in a climate like the northeast, and I have fond memories of eating apples from trees in Vermont. But apples are ruined for us writers. Never again will an apple be just an apple.


2 Responses to “inadvertent references”

  1. zditty Says:


    If you don’t want to make the reference, and this is fiction, just make up a fruit.

  2. Kaitlyn Says:

    Right–all details must be made resonant to the ultimate meaning or direction of the story, so there are layers of meaning that come through naturally as the reader reads. But they don’t come through naturally as we write! I always thought of writing as such a flow, but so much of it is more like tinkering with an engine until it runs just right. Only that first portion is the flow. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, and relate to much of what you say. See, you’re reaching one reader very effectively!

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